Are Cheap Paddle Boards Any Good? Yes!!

Are Cheap Paddle Boards Any Good

Why Cheap Inflatable Paddle Boards are Not Necessarily Bad Are cheap paddle boards any good, or would you rather avoid them altogether and save enough for the costly ones? In the article that I did some time back on how much do paddle boards cost, I said these things are not cheap! In fact, I … Read more

Is It Safe To Paddle Board Alone?

Is It Safe To Paddle Board Alone

Is It Safe To Go Paddle Boarding By Yourself? Paddle boarding is more fun and safe when you do it as a group. But will you always have someone to paddleboard with you at all times? Probably not! And if you were to wait for a friend or partner to SUP with you every time, … Read more

Do Sharks Attack Paddle Boarders?

Do Sharks Attack Paddle Boarders

Does Paddle Boarding Attract Sharks and Can They Attack You? Before you go into the ocean on your SUP board … you want to know: Do sharks attack paddle boarders? Oceans and seas offer ideal conditions for paddle boarding. You can enjoy paddling in calm waters or catching gentle waves. But no matter how good … Read more

Can You Paddle Board In The Rain?

Can you paddleboard in the rain

8 Powerful Tips for Safety when Paddle Boarding in The Rain! Once you get used to paddleboarding, you’ll often want to spend time in rivers and reservoirs. However, the weather won’t always be calm or sunny. This begs the question – can you paddle board in the rain? Yes! You can SUP in the rain … Read more