Are Inflatable Surfboards Any Good?

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Are Inflatable Surfboards Worth It? Why Every Surfer Should Try One Are inflatable surfboards any good? Obviously, as a surfing beginner, choosing the best surfboard is something that you will have to square with sooner than later. After all, it is the main determinant of your experience on the water. In another article on this … Read more

How To Get Surf Instructor Certification from ISA

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ISA Surf Instructor Certification Course Once you have learned the basics of surfing and you garner some experience, you might think of getting surf instructor certification. If you have been asking: how do I become a surf instructor, this article is for you. Of course, the best place to start is: how good at surfing … Read more

How Long Should A Beginner Surfboard Be?

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How Long Should A beginner Surfboard Be – Depends on Your Height and Weight Are you wondering what size surfboard to get in the UK, Australia, Canada, USA or wherever? Well, you are not alone! When starting out, many people wonder: how long should a beginner surfboard be? And here, we do what we do … Read more