Does Paddle Board Need Good Balance? Big Yes!

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Is It Hard To Balance on a Paddle Board? Vital Tips for Balance Does paddle board need good balance? Knowing how to improve balance for paddle boarding is very important. Come to think of it, stand up paddle boarding is all about balance. Therefore, knowing how to get better at paddle boarding is everything for … Read more

How Much Do Surfboards Cost?

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What is The Average Cost of A Surfboard? A Good Bargain is $200 to $2000+ When you want to start surfing, you will want to know: how much do surfboards cost? The simple answer is from $250 to $1500+. I know, that is not very helpful, especially when you are a beginner at surfing. That … Read more

Do You Need To Know Swimming for Snorkeling?

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Can You Snorkel Without Knowing Swimming? Yes, with Caution! First, there is a difference between swimming and snorkeling. While both are some of the most enjoyable water sports, they are inherently different. So, do you have to know how to swim to snorkel? While there is no regulation requiring you to know how to swim … Read more