How Do You Stand Up Paddle Board With A Dog?

There are only two types of people in the world – dog lovers and cat lovers. Now, you know when you love your dog, you would like to take him with you on your adventures. So, can you paddle board with your dog?

Dogs provide awesome companionship. But is it okay to take your dog paddle boarding? And the answer is yes, you can enjoy paddle boarding together with your dog or pup.

You don’t have to go paddle boarding alone, yet you have a dog for companionship. This article should offer some tips on how to paddleboard with your dog.

Can you teach a dog how to SUP?

If you want to paddle board with your dog often, you must teach it how to SUP. Luckily, dogs are quick learners as long as you take the right approach.

Even if your dog is too old, don’t write it off just yet. You can always train it at its own pace. Just ensure that you present the activity to the dog positively.

On the other hand, training pups to paddle board is easier. So, try to train your dogs at a young age if you wish to paddleboard with them.

Before you can start training your dog to stand up paddle board, you need to be good yourself. Start by honing your skill on a solid or inflatable paddle board.

How to introduce your dog to the board

Can You Paddle Board With Your Dog

Before you head out to paddle board on a river, lake, or in the ocean with your dog, you must teach it how to hop on and stay calm on the board. You can introduce your dog to paddle boarding by following the steps below:

Help your dog get used to the board

Your dog or pup can’t get on the board until it gets used to it. So, you must place the board near the dog’s resting area for a week.

At least the dog will get curious, and it will want to explore the board. You might even find the resting on the board once it gets used to it.

Reward the dog with treats

Training a dog gets easier after you introduce treats. So, if your dog has gotten accustomed to the paddleboard, you can bring some treats.

Place the treats on the board to lure the dog. By doing so, the dog must walk onto the board to get the treat. Repeating this trick should help it get used to the board.

Your dog should view the SUP board positively because you’ve rewarded them every time they come on the board.

Practice some commands

Now that your dog has been climbing onto the board comfortably, it’s time to practice some commands. Ask him to sit and stand on the paddleboard. While at it, reinforce the behavior using treats.

Once the dog learns how to sit, stay, and stand, teach them how to get on and off the board. These commands will make it easy to paddle board with your furry friend.

Introduce the dog life jacket

Once your dog learns to stay on the paddle board, it’s time to introduce the life jacket for paddle boarding. Your dog needs the life jacket in case it falls off the board.

So, before you practice SUPing on the water, strap the life jacket on your dog and practice the sit, stay, and down commands again. The dog needs to know that the life jacket is a must-have when paddle boarding.

If the dog seems apprehensive about wearing the PFD, you might want to wear your Type 3 life jacket for SUPing.

Practice beside the water

Completing the in-home training is a good milestone. However, your dog needs to get acclimatized to paddling in water bodies.

But before you head out to the waters, you need to practice what you’ve taught your dog along the river bank or shoreline.

You just need to place the board near the water and practice the usual commands. If your dog is comfortable, go to the next step.

Head to shallow waters

Now it’s time to get into the water and test if your dog is comfortable. Start by moving the board to shallow water and hop on.

Now ask your dog to jump onto the board from the dock or land. Once the dog is on board, ask it to sit-stay right away.

Start paddling

Wait for your dog to settle before you find your balance and paddle away. You can start by paddling in a kneeling position and then transition to a standing position.

Ensure you paddle slowly to avoid losing your balance on the SUP board and scaring the dog. The next step is to train your dog how to get off the paddleboard.

Your dog should only jump off the paddle board when commanded. If your dog does that, reward him with praise or treats.

Doing so prevents instances when the dog jumps off the board as you approach the shore. At least the dog won’t throw you off balance unexpectedly.

Things to do when you want to SUP with your dog

The following tips should prepare you to SUP with your furry friend. Therefore, make sure you remember them.

Trim sharp nails

You shouldn’t allow a dog with long nails on your paddleboard. Long nails can scratch your board’s finish or tear the deck pad. So, trim your dog’s nails before it hops on the paddle board.

Pack dog treats

Treats are crucial when you take your dog for paddle boarding adventures. The treats help the dog to become disciplined. As a result, your dog will become a good passenger every time you paddleboard.

Tire out energetic dogs

SUPing with an energetic dog is very hectic. So, if you have a playful dog or pup, make sure you drain all its energy before getting on the board.

You can achieve that by running or playing fetch with your dog. Going for a swim can also get rid of the excess energy.

Draining the excess energy ensures your dog remains calm on the paddle board. There will be no instances of the dog jumping into the water or playing on the board.

Use a broad paddle board

When you have a canine as a passenger, know the SUP brands to avoid. For instance, thin and long SUP boards are best for racing, as they build speed too fast.

On the other hand, broader boards are slow, but very stable in the water. You will not fall into the water when paddle boarding on such a SUP board.

If you prefer a solid paddle board, consider getting the Easy Eddy 3-Piece detachable SUP board. You can transport it easily, and it is very stable on the water.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe When Paddle Boarding

Your dog might be a better passenger, but you still need to keep him or her safe. Observe the following tips when SUPing with your dog:

  •         Ensure your dog wears a life jacket
  •         Don’t allow your dog to drink saltwater
  •         Apply sunscreen for dogs
  •         Don’t ignore signs of heatstroke
  •         Help your dog to climb back on the board when they fall off


SUPing with your dog is such an enjoyable experience. So, don’t hesitate to take your dog whenever you head out. Just ensure you observe paddleboarding safety measures, and your canine friend will be fine.

Also, remember to feed your dog and time the paddle boarding adventure to start after he has taken his toilet break.