Best SUP Life Jacket Reviews

best SUP life jacket

Choosing the best SUP life jacket is paramount if you have taken up this water sport that’s growing so fast in popularity. If you are paddle boarding outside the designated area for swimming, bathing or surfing, you need to have a life jacket. If you have a minor on your paddle board or on their … Read more

Paddle Board Vs Kayak: What To Buy

paddle board vs kayak

In this paddle board vs kayak comparison post, we shall see the main differences between the two pieces of equipment. When you are choosing a new surface water sport to learn, you will have to consider kayaking and paddle boarding. Here, we are everything about stand up paddle boarding. However, we would also recommend buying … Read more

What Is The Best Cheap Underwater Camera?

Image of best cheap underwater camera

Best Waterproof Camera Under $100 If you are a water sports enthusiast, you will want to record yourself in action or other enthusiasts doing their thing. To do this, you need the best cheap underwater camera. Everything about the ocean, paddle boarding, surfing, swimming and snorkeling is very exciting. Even waves can make a picturesque … Read more