Stand up paddleboarding is for you if you love a good challenge. It is not your regular surface water sport. The challenge of balancing on a bouncy board on water offers the thrill of this sport. It is a lot of fun, and it gives a full body workout, even better than swimming, or kayaking. 

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Learn everything possible about this wonderful water sport. Also see why it is one of the simplest water sports to learn. Like any other water sport, caution is recommended. Learn the skill in shallow waters first before you can attempt the waves.

Ankle or Calf SUP Leash

Learn how to stay on your feet on the paddleboard, how to build speed on the water and have crazy fun! Once you get started in this sport, you will never look back again! 


How To Prepare for Paddle Boarding

Paddleboarding safety requires the right gear like type 3 life jackets if you have a minor on board or if paddleboarding outside the swimming, bathing, or surfing zone. 


Is it harder to balance on an inflatable paddle boards

Stand up paddleboarding in the ocean is exciting. It is fun, challenging, and exhilarating. Here, you will learn how to SUP in waves before you go out! 


To have fun in stand up paddle boarding, you need the SUP board itself, the SUP paddle, and then SUP Leash. The complete SUP package comes with inflatable SUP board, leash, carry bag, detachable SUP paddle, and repair kit. Here are some packages you could order from

  1. FBSPORT Premium Inflatable Paddle Board
  2. FunWater Stand Up Paddle Board
  3. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
  4. Roc Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards 
  5. ADVENOR Paddle Board 11'x33 x6 Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
  6. FEATH-R-LITE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 
Best women's life jacket for paddle boarding

The ocean is dangerous, and menacing. Only the very well-prepared have their maximum fun in the water. Here, you will learn how to choose a good life jacket for paddleboarding, how to get started, and many more safety tips.