What Do I Need To Know About Stand Up Paddle Boarding

When a first-timer is getting started on stand up paddle boarding, they usually have tens, probably hundreds of questions on their mind. One of them is: what do I need to know about stand up paddle boarding?

Of course, there are many more frequently asked questions that we are going to look into here. That way, before you get started on the adventure, you will know everything about safety, gear, preparation, SUP techniques and so on.

If you can think of any question, you can add it here on the comments section to help a fellow paddle boarder create a helpful resource.

What do I need to know about paddle boarding and other FAQ

What do I need to know about paddle boarding

This article is on the bare basics of stand up paddle boarding. The more you know the better you will become. Every day is a learning experience. Above all, remember to have fun.

1. Is stand up paddle boarding difficult?

Stand up paddle boarding is not difficult and any person can learn how to do it with just a few hours of training. Take the first stand up paddle boarding lessons in a lagoon or in a lake close to the shore with shallow water.

2. Will you get wet when stand up paddle boarding?

Even the best professional stand up paddle boarders fall into the water every now and then. Therefore, you will get wet. Besides, even without falling, you will still whip up sprays as you paddle through waves.

3. Is paddle boarding harder than kayaking?

It is harder because you have to paddle on your feet unlike when kayaking where you sit down. Stand up paddle boarding might also strain your knees and you will burn out faster than a person kayaking. Besides, the bouncy nature of the water forces you to dig your feet in harder leading to cramping.

4. Does stand up paddle boarding burn calories?

Stand up paddle boarding burns a good number of calories per hour. For instance, a beginner can burn between 300 and 450 calories per hour. The longer the distance and the faster you paddle the more calories you are going to burn. Stand up paddle boarding burns calories faster than swimming or running.

5. What is better kayaking or paddle boarding?

For a full body workout, SUP is much better than kayaking because it engages the entire body from the legs to the shoulders. When rowing a kayak,. You sit down so you mostly use the upper body muscles. Kayaking is best for rowing long distances because you do all the work while seated.

6. Is SUP harder than surfing?

It is definitely not harder than surfing but in its own right, it is not easy too. When you surf you engage in a combination of surfing and sport, so it is more exciting to ride with the big waves. SUP is gentler although performing the balancing act on the board is still a challenge.

7. What burns more calories kayaking or paddle boarding?

While kayaking, you can burn up to 500 calories per hour because you engage your upper body muscles more. When you SUP, you can burn between 300 and 450 calories, which is slightly lower than what you burn with kayaking. On the other hand, you get to work out the entire body.

8. Is paddle boarding good for weight loss?

Paddle boarding can help you lose weight faster than running. However, you will also have to ensure that you burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. To lose about 700 calories while stand up paddle boarding, you will need to paddle for 120 minutes straight.

9. What is the point of stand up paddle boarding?

The whole point of stand up paddle boarding is to have crazy fun on this surface water sport. The point is to float, stay on the water and glide on the surface at fun speed. You need to master the art of stand up paddle boarding so that you can paddle a long time without falling into the water.

10. Is stand up paddle boarding good for you?

It is good for you because of the incredible fun that you will have. In addition, it will tone your lower and upper body muscles. Stand up paddle boarding will also help you lose the extra calories faster than most low impact exercises will.

11. What do I need for stand up paddle boarding?

What do I need for stand up paddle boarding

First, you need the gear and this means the inflatable or solid (wood or carbon fiber) paddle board with a leash.

Today, the inflatable paddle boards are the most popular on online marketplaces such as Amazon.com. You can get the best Isle Surf SUP and it will serve you for a long time.

The inflatable paddle boards are mostly made of high quality PVC material. It is hard to puncture and even if that happens, you can order the best PVC paddle board repair kit from Amazon and give the SUP a new lease of life.

Inflatable SUPs come with everything you need to get started. These include the pump, carry bag, the SUP paddle and the inflatable board itself.

If you would like a high quality solid paddle board, you might want to try the Easy Eddy Three-Piece Paddle Board.

It is a marvel for traveling because the pieces are detachable. Therefore, it can fit nicely in the trunk of your car. You need not worry about transporting the paddle board on the rack of your car.

If you are a beginner, please choose a wide paddle board, say, one that is about 34 inches wide. Wide boards are good for stability. You don’t want to be tipping in the water all the time.

Second to the paddle board, you will also need the right clothing. This can be a wetsuit or a pair of shorts and a vest.

You also need a life vest on your board, if you intend to go paddle boarding beyond the zone designated for surfing, swimming or bathing.

This can be a type II or type III life jacket for SUP. It can also be another type if you cannot afford these two, but make sure it is a U.S.C.G approved one.

If you are a beginner, find a lagoon to learn how to stand up paddle board.

12. Is it hard to balance on a paddle board?

With a few hours of training, you will know how to balance on a stand up paddle board. First, keep your feet shoulder width apart.

Secondly, point the toes forward and lean on your knees slightly such that you seem to be hunched forward a little.

Image of What should I wear to stand up paddle boarding

Practice stand up paddle boarding as much as possible to become perfect. Also, choose a short and wider board because it will help you balance easily. Long and narrow SUP boards are for speed.

13. How can I make my paddle board more stable?

First, choose the right paddle board – a wide and short one for beginners. Second, make sure the tail fin is working just fine because it is responsible for keeping the board stable. Thirdly, know how to stand on the paddle board by keeping your feet at shoulder width with toes pointed forward.

14. What should I wear to stand up paddle boarding?

Board shorts, rash guard with long sleeves and a swimsuit will do just fine for SUP boarding during summer. In the colder months, wear a wetsuit for protection, or even a drysuit.

15. Can you sit on a paddleboard?

You can sit or even kneel on your paddle board and keep it moving. However, you will not be able to build up speed because the board is not made of paddling when sitting down.

16. What size paddle board should I get for my height?

Depending on your weight, just add 10 inches to get the size of the stand up paddle board that you should get. The length of the stand up paddle starts at 9 ft 6 inches for the shortest one while the longest one measures 11 feet. The board width is between 30 and 32 inches.

17. What volume sup for my weight?

To find the correct SUP volume for your weight, you should multiply your body weight by 1.1 or 1.4 and then add the weight of the gear that you intend to carry.

For example, if you weigh 135 pounds, multiply by 1.1 to get 148.5. If you will carry gear weighing 15 pounds, add that too to get 163.5 pounds, which is now your new weight. Therefore, the SUP volume you should get is 164 pounds.

You can also multiply the same by 1.4 and add 15 pounds to get 204 pounds. Therefore, the SUP volume of your board should be between 164 and 204 liters.

18. Where can I buy a stand up paddle board?

Your best bet is on the online marketplaces where you will find the prices far cheaper than what you get on the local shops. However, if there is a SUP shop on your beach, you can find whether they have cheaper used stand up paddle boards or new ones.

19. Why can’t I stand up on my paddle board?

The reason why you can’t stand on your paddle board without tipping either backwards or forwards is that you are standing too close to the front or to the back.

Stand in the middle. If you can’t gather the courage to stand on your paddle board, you need more practice at building balance.

20. Can you surf on a stand up paddle board?

Yes you can because there is not all that much difference between the boards for surfing and paddle boarding. However, you should not attempt this as a SUP beginner. Wait until you have some experience so that you can choose a narrower and shorter board which is better for riding waves.

21. Where can I stand up paddle board near me?

This depends on where you are. Start by checking our post on where to paddle board in Santa Cruz, or San Diego.

If there is a water body or a river, you can paddle board there. However, beginners should confine themselves to calmer waters of a lake or a lagoon.

Experienced stand up paddle boarders can gun for the ocean or rivers.

22. Can you sit on a stand up paddle board?

Actually, you can even find a chair that you can use on your SUP board so that you can sit on it the entire time. You can also sit while straddling the SUP to relax in the water. You can also try paddling the board when kneeling, but make sure most of your weight is on the middle of the board.

23. Can you stand up paddle board while pregnant?

If you are in the early months of your pregnancy, you can enjoy stand up paddle boarding while pregnant. However, if nausea is a daily thing in your first semester, the buoyancy of the water can make it worse so it would be best to avoid it. If in the second semester, you can enjoy SUP, but have someone accompanying you.

24. How much weight can a stand up paddle board hold?

There is a stand up paddle board for almost every weight. For instance, some have a weight rating of 200 pounds while there are some that can hold as much weight as 500 pounds.

25. Where can I rent a stand up paddle board near me?

This is only possible in the SUP shops on the beach. You can check for SUP rentals where you are. In San Diego, you can rent a board with the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. To rent one, you have to be at least 18 years old.

26. What do I need to know about stand up paddle boarding?

Nothing much really, except that you should practice more often to become better. Safety is the first consideration for you. Therefore, always choose a calm day to SUP board. In addition, if you are a beginner, you should wear a life vest. The regulations require you to have one on your board, but just wear it.

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