What is The Minimum Paddle Board Age Limit? Best SUP Age is 8 to 13 Years

What is the paddle board age limit? Certainly, there is a minimum age limit.

But first, if this is your first time to learn about paddle boarding, you need to understand why there is an age limit of 13 years.

A stand up paddle board has almost the same configuration as a surfboard. It is long, flat and thicker though.

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However, unlike a kayak, and by the way, there is also a kayaking age limit, you will see that a SUP board has no handholds. Ideally, you are also supposed to paddle it when you are standing upright.

If you lose your balance, you will fall into the water. If you are not old enough, it might be hard to climb back on to the board.

How old do you have to be to paddle board?

Paddle Board Age Limit

The best age to let your child go paddle boarding on their own is 13 years. However, when you are doing it in a calm body of water such as a small lake or a lagoon, you can take even a 5-year old with you and train them.

While a 13-year old can use a SUP board for the youth, they should never go to enjoy stand up paddle boarding alone. You should always accompany your child.

Paddling a paddle board requires some quick decision making. It also requires one to maintain proper balance on the board. Unfortunately, this is something that many children cannot do.

It is alright to introduce them to stand up paddle boarding when they are young so that the sport can grow on them.

Before you can get your kid on the paddle board, it is important that you teach them how to swim first.

While we have said that you don’t need to know how to swim to paddle board, it is very important that you know how to swim.

There is no way that you want to be at the mercy of the waves in the ocean when you fall off your paddle board.

Even for your kids, it is very important that your children be good swimmers before you teach them how to surfboard or paddle board.

A kid that knows how to swim is going to be comfortable on the board and they will learn easily.

Can a 5 year old paddle board?

It is okay to take a 5-year-old paddle boarding with you. However, you cannot let them ride out on their own SUP board.

They have to be on the same SUP as you, probably behind you so that you can have fun together.

It is important that you balance the weight on the board because if the child is too far back, the tail will tip into the water.

If you put him in front of you too much to the front, the nose will tip into the water.

Can 8 year olds paddle board?

Yes, but again, you cannot let an 8-year-old child paddle his or her own board. You have to ride with him on your board.

But if you want them to learn how to paddle board firsthand, you want them to bring their own paddle.

You will also teach them various skills such as how to stand up on a paddle board, how to work their paddle and others.

Even if your kid is heavyset, your board has a high weight rating as some can hold as much as 265 pounds.

We need not mention that your child also needs to be a good swimmer. That will bolster their confidence on the board.

Can you paddle board with a toddler?

Can you paddle board with a toddler

You can buy a small board for your baby and then train them to paddle board on their own in calm waters.

In the ocean, ensure that your kid is at least 13 years old before they can paddle board on their own in the ocean.

If you will paddle board with a kid, you need to get them to wear a life jacket for paddle boarding all the time. This is a US Coast Guard regulation.

Adults don’t have to have life jackets unless they are paddle boarding outside the designated areas for surfing, swimming or bathing.

You could try the Type III life jacket for paddle boarding.

Can a 9 year old paddle board?

If a 5 or 8 year old can paddle board with you on your board, a 9 year old can too.

If they are big for their age, you can even let them SUP board on their own. However, use a SUP board that is appropriate for their age and size. Keep an eye on them all the time.

For safety, make sure that everyone under 18 years of age wears a personal flotation device before going out to the water.

Final Thoughts for Paddle Board Age Limit

What age is appropriate for paddle boarding? Starting 8 years is a good age, but it is not appropriate to let the kid paddle board on his or her own.

However, from the age of 12 or 13, they can use their own board, but it should be the right size.

If you need a good paddle board for a 13-year old, consider buying the Dama Inflatable SUP board on amazon.com.


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