Must Have SUP Accessories: 11 Most Vital SUP Gear

What are the best must have SUP accessories that you need on your board?

You will need quite a number, but not too many since stand up paddle boarding is a simple sport.

Some of the stand up paddle board accessories are for safety. Some are for propulsion and so on.

Every accessory that we are going to discuss here is vital and you should not venture into the water without them.

Remember, these are the must-haves, so you must have them on you or on your inflatable or solid paddle board.

Different types of paddle boards require different accessories. For instance, inflatable boards might need some accessories that a hard board doesn’t need.

There are close to 100 accessories for paddle boarding. However, in this write-up, we are looking at the must-have ones.

11 SUP Accessories That You Must Have

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Here, we are going to look at the best SUP accessories that can make your search for adventure on the water more fun. Here are the things you NEED to have on you:

1. Detachable SUP Paddle

A SUP board uses a paddle for propulsion. In a past article, we looked at how to make SUP paddle float. You don’t want to lose it.

Usually, when you are buying your paddle board, it will come with a paddle. There are also those rare times when you might have to buy the paddle separately.

For easier transport, SUP paddles today come in a detachable design. For most of them, you can separate them into three parts so that you can carry them easily.

If you ever lose your paddle, you can always order another one. For instance, you can buy the SUP Paddle – 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle on

This paddle is available in black, gray, blue or yellow color. It is best for beginners and casual SUP enthusiasts. If you are looking for speed, this paddle might not be ideal for you.

2. Paddle board leash

This is pretty obvious, but it is one of the basic accessories that you need to have to enjoy paddle boarding.

It is your attachment to the paddle board and it comes in different designs. They come in the ankle or calf design, usually depending on where you should wear them.

You can read about the best leash to buy in our article on the best type of SUP leash to buy.

3. Carry bag for inflatable paddle board

An inflatable SUP is so good when it comes to transporting it. You can carry it on your person when going to the ocean.

It does not come with an inflatable paddle. However, today’s paddles come in three detachable parts. They too should be able to fit in this carry bag.

When you are not traveling, you can use the bag to store your board, paddle and other accessories safely and in an organized manner.

A good inflatable paddle board bag is the Retrospec Rambler Rucksack iSUP Board Bag that you can buy on It is made of nylon, has adjustable carry straps and has a zipper for security.

If you have a solid board, you can read here about how to transport a hard SUP without a roof rack on your car.

4. Waterproof phone case

Image of stand up paddle board gear

You do not want to miss out on the action just because you are paddle boarding on the water. That is why you need to carry your smartphone safely, using a waterproof case.

The good thing is that when you have this case, you can hang your mobile phone on your neck and it will not get wet. If it falls into the water, it will float! However, be very keen not to let it fall into the sea.

When you are having fun in the water, anything could happen. With your mobile, you can reach people ashore or at home. If there is an emergency at home, people can reach you easily.

Buy the JOTO Universal Waterproof Phone Holder Pouch on It is not only waterproof, but you can also use your smartphone when it is inside the pouch.

This pouch is rated for underwater protection of your device. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the splashes that it will come into contact with when you are on your paddle board.

4. Paddle board carry strap

We cannot overemphasize the importance of this paddle board gear. Paddle boards are at least 7 feet long, 30 inches wide and for buoyancy, they have quite a thickness.

Such a solid SUP board can be a little hard to carry with the handle. Besides, you also have to carry the paddle to propel the board in the water.

You have to transport the SUP board from the car to the beach and then to the water, up to the point where you want to start paddling.

To make it easy to carry, you can buy the Jinvun Paddle Board Carry Strap for Paddleboards on It is nicely padded on the shoulder area, so it won’t dig into the flesh.

Image of straps and sup attachments

You can secure your paddle on the strap too so that you carry the paddle and the board as one load. This is a heavy-duty nylon strap that is going to last a long time with minimal care.

6. Cooler bag

Imagine getting into the water on your lovely board, but this time with a cooler bag where you can keep your drinks chilled. That is just what you need for the summer sun.

Having a cooler bag on the deck of your SUP might be one of the most vital paddle board attachment accessories.

These cooler bags come in different sizes. For instance, some have the capacity to hold ten bottles, others can hold as many as 20. If you plan on staying in the water for a few hours, either can do.

Perhaps you are wondering how you will attach this cooler bag to the deck of your SUP. However, it comes with its own clips and rope system. It is also quite simple to set up and within no time, you will be done.

Another benefit of using these cooler bags is that they come with a waterproof shell, so the ocean water is not going to penetrate. They are also heat proof, so they will keep your drinks pretty cool.

You can order the SUP-NOW Paddleboard Accessories Cooler & Deck Bag from It comes with a bonus waterproof smartphone case.

There are storage compartments outside, which helps you to keep your small items organized when you are paddle boarding.

7. Electric paddle board pump

Image inflatable sup accessories

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like doing things manually too much, you should get a pump to inflate the iSUP.

Mostly, you will get a pump that comes with a 12V DC outlet, which you can even fix to your car’s outlet. However, you can also get a battery pack to charge your iSUP even when you are away from the car.

You can also check whether the pump comes with different air valves to inflate other items such as toys, balls and so on.

You can buy the ISSYAUTO 20PSI High Pressure Paddle Board Pump Electric Portable SUP Air Pump on

It is small, portable and has a DC connector to use with the car. With close to 10 feet of wire, this is quite flexible.

8. Battery pack

An inflatable paddle board is so easy to inflate, but why do it manually when you can get an electric pump that works with a battery pack?

This will make work so easy for you. An inflatable SUP is not going to retain the air you put in forever.

If you are the kind of adventurer who can use their iSUP for hours on end, you might want to replenish the pressure from time to time.

The good thing with carrying a battery pack is that it is light in weight. You will also find that the available power can inflate your board, charge your mobile and have some voltage to boot.

9. An anchor

I am sure you did not think of this one! But consider the importance of having an anchor. You can keep your SUP still so that it does not drift and then lie back and soak in the sun.

Perhaps you want to do yoga on the paddle board. You will need an anchor to help keep the board in one position.

Bringing an anchor on your board will not be too much trouble because they have minimal weight.

Besides, most of these anchors are multi-use, so you can use it for your board as well as your kayak or canoe.

You can buy the Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor from It weighs a mere 3.5lbs, so it should not be any trouble to carry.

It also comes with a carry bag, so traveling with it is very simple. Also, by design, it is foldable! When you are finished using it, you can fold it and stash it away.

10. Paddle board seat

If you are a senior or you have a bad back and you cannot stand for too long, you might want to add a paddle board deck seat.

You can buy the Detachable Universal Adjustable Paddle Board Seat from It is made of foam and has a polyester exterior material.

The cushion is thick enough to help you feel rested and supported for all the hours that you will be floating about on your paddle board.

Image of best paddleboard accessories

The padded back and butt support make you comfortable for hours. It is a small seat though, and it comes with its own hooks and straps for set up. It is quite stable when done right.

The straps come with metal buckles, but they are anti-corrosion.

11. Life jacket

In our article on Stand Up Paddle Board Life Jackets Requirements, we said that when you are planning to paddle board beyond the bathing, swimming or surfing area, you should wear a U.S.C.G-approved life jacket.

Here, we still insist… have one on your person. The sea is quite unpredictable and calm and flat water can turn into waves without much notice.

Besides, it is a requirement by the United States Coast Guard to have a life jacket with you if you will be paddling in the areas we have said.

You can also carry a sound making device on your person. If you have a minor on board or on their own beginner SUP board, they should wear their PFD all the time.

Those are the ten must have stand up paddle board accessories. There are many more such as coffee mugs, inflatable belts, waterproof speakers and so on. However, we feel that these ten are must-haves for safety, mostly.

You can buy the Onyx MoveVent Curve Paddle Sports Life Vest on It is USGC and Transport Canada-approved. It also comes in many sizes for different people.

Image of stand up paddle board equipment

Must Have SUP Accessories FAQ

Sometimes, when choosing what accessories to take along, you might not know what to take or leave.

This FAQ section will help shed more light on the best stand up paddle board equipment to bring along:

What do you need for SUP?

There are the basics such as the leash and the paddle. However, other best paddle board equipment include life jacket, cooler bag for drinks, waterproof smartphone case, anchor and carry straps.

Do you need a wetsuit for paddle boarding?

A wetsuit is good for paddle boarding in cold weather. Made of neoprene material, the wet suit creates a buffer zone between your warm skin and the cold environment outside.

That way, the cold from outside cannot get to your skin and the warmth of your body cannot escape to the cold surroundings.

How do you carry things on SUP?

To carry drinks on the SUP board, you need a cooler bag. It comes with its own straps and hooks to attach to the board.

It also comes with extra compartments and a waterproof cellphone case. You can stash the small items into the pockets.

Do paddle boards have straps?

They usually come with a carry handle, which might not be enough to carry it from the car to the water. Thus, you can order straps to secure the paddle to the board and then carry it on your shoulder. Usually, the shoulder part has padding and the straps are adjustable.

Wrapping UP

Choosing the best paddle board accessories is more a matter of selecting what you need vis a vis what you can do without.

The basic equipment for paddle boarding include the board itself, the paddle and the leash.

After these three, there is the PFD, cooler box, anchor and many more. Try to carry as many as you can if you intend to spend a long time on your stand up paddle board.

Some of the accessories such as pump and battery pack remain in the car. They don’t need to come to the water with you.

Just carry as many accessories as you can carry, but strap just a few to the board.

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