How Do You Fix an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

Most people ask: Can paddle boards be repaired? And the answer is yes. In this short post, I will show you how to repair a stand up paddle board, on your own.

In fact, when looking for information about how to repair a stand up paddle board, you will see that most of them come with a repair kit, especially the inflatable ones.

In any case, it does not matter how expensive your SUP board is, or how careful you are with its usage and storage. Sooner than later, it will sustain minor damage if you fall on it. That will require repair!

So yes, you need to know where to get your paddle board repair kit if it did not come with one. Also, you need this step-by-step guide for how to repair an inflatable paddle board as well as a hard SUP board.

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Can paddle boards be repaired at home?

If you are a DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiast, you will probably ask whether stand up paddle boards can be repaired at home.

Yes you can. After all, your board might have come with a repair kit. In addition, there are tens of SUP repair videos on YouTube as the one below:

But … yes, there is a but … inflatable SUP repair glue and a paddle board repair kit will only help you if the damage is not too extended.

Cracks and dents are easy to repair. However, an overall broken SUP board is not worth repairing.

How to repair a stand up paddle board

Here, we are going to look at how to fix a broken paddle board. In our past article on inflatable vs solid SUP board, we said you can buy any.

So, we will look at a few steps to repair both an inflatable or solid paddle board.

How to repair a solid paddle board

This is easy. But first, we need to learn the design of this board. It has a covering on the exterior, which could be epoxy, fiberglass, carbon fiber or wood.

Inside, there is a bed of foam, which helps to keep the board buoyant.

If the board gets a crack, it could allow water into the foam and affect its lifespan and buoyancy. If you notice such a crack, do not take it to the water again before repairing the damage.

Step 1: Paddle board repair – small crack or hole

Clean the area around the dent, inspect it to see whether it is cracked through or it just needs a touch of paint.

If it is cracked, sand the area around the crack or hole thoroughly, and wipe it clean with a piece of cloth.

Using small paint brushes, apply a coat of epoxy into and around the crack or hole. Wait for the epoxy to dry and apply a second coat. You may need to apply a third coat, and after it is dry, sand it to make it smooth.

That is it, you are finished!

This only works for small cracks and holes.

Step 2: How to repair a bigger hole

A fairly big hole should also be repairable. This also works carbon fiber board repair. What do you need to do:

First, you need to clean and dry the paddle board thoroughly.

Inspect the hole. If it is too big, attempting how to fix it on your own might not work. Perhaps you could take it to a paddle board repair near me shop. Or you could even write it off if it is too old and just get a new one.

  • Take a sand paper and file around the hole, removing any jagged edges.
  • Using a popsicle stick, fill the hole with epoxy completely.
  • Put packing tape on the dent and then give it time to dry completely.
  • Sand it and check your repair work. If completely sealed, the board is good to go back to the water.

Step 3: How to repair a really big hole

Sometimes, your stand up paddle board might suffer plenty of damage and get a big hole. If too big, just forget it and buy a new one.

However, there is no harm in trying to repair it, is there now?

First, buy a full paddle board repair kit. It will come with all the things that you need for how to fix a broken paddle board.

Secondly, using sandpaper, blunt knife, or scraper, removes any jagged edges.

You might need to fill the hole with putty first. However, don’t second-guess yourself. The repair kit will have a manual with all the details.

How to repair an inflatable paddle board

How to repair an inflatable paddle board is easier than how to repair a carbon fiber paddle board. First, many iSUPs come with their repair kits. You could also buy one from

Image of how to repair a stand up paddle board

There are a few steps involved in this:

Step 1: Finding the leak

Fill the iSUP with air and then dip it in a big basin full of water. You can dip it little by little. If you spot bubbles, that is where the leak is.

Step 2: Clean and dry the puncture

Remove from the water, clean the area with the puncture thoroughly and then let it dry. For good measure, you can use a marker pen to mark that area so that you do not lose it.

Step 3: Get the patch ready and apply glue

In the repair kit, you will find a pair of scissors and a repair patch. If the patch needs cleaning, go ahead. Clean it and dry it completely.

Step 4: Apply glue on the puncture

Remember the punctured area that you marked with a marker pen? Apply glue on it too, same as you have applied on the patch. Let the patch and the circle dry a bit.

Step 5: Apply the patch on the hole

The glue manufacturer usually gives the instructions for how long you should wait for it to dry. However, if there are no such instructions, just give it 5 minutes.

After that, apply the patch on the marked area. Press it with your thumb to remove any air bubbles. Just make sure it is smooth all round.

Step 6: Clean out any mess

You are done. Clean out any glue around the patched area. Leave it to air-dry completely for about 24 hours.


Inflatable or solid paddle boards can be expensive to buy. Therefore, if yours sustains damage, you will want to try to repair it first before thinking of buying a new one.

If the repair is for a big dent, you may have to let the board heal completely for a few days before hitting the water again.

That is it for how to repair a stand up paddle board – inflatable or solid.

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