Do You Need To Clean A Paddle Board? Yes, and Powerful Tips 

You should know how to clean a paddle board after using it. After all, your gear is as good as how you maintain it.

With good care and maintenance, you can prolong the life of your gear. Now, you know that the cheapest SUP board will cost you anywhere above $200. Therefore, you want it to last as long as possible.

In another article, we looked at Inflatable vs solid stand up paddle board. In the same spirit, we are going to look at how to clean these two types of paddle boards.

How To Clean An Inflatable Paddle Board

Inflatable paddle boards might require more care and maintenance than their solid counterparts. Here are a few things to do:

Rinse, Clean and Rinse Again

Before you can deflate the inflatable paddle board, rinse it with clean running water thoroughly.

This will clean out the debris, gravel and other dirt that it might collect on the beach. Rinse also if you have been using the board in salty water.

Cleaning the inflatable paddle board requires some product. Because of the PVC coating on the sup board, you need to know the best paddle board cleaner products.

You can use natural soap since it does not contain harsh chemicals because they can damage the PVC layer. You can also use recommended products such as Blue Goo, which you can buy on

Basically, use a product that does not contain harsh chemicals.

As you think about how to clean PVC boards, you also need to scrub it with something.

Choose a natural fiber cloth or sponge and scrub it gently so that you do not cause the PVC layer to peel. You may have to be firmer on stubborn stains.

After cleaning with water and paddle board cleaner, you need to rinse the inflatable board again with clean running water.

Rinse off the SUP board under running water to leave the surface and the threads clean. This is vital if you have been paddling in salty water.

How to clean the valve

First, lock the valve so that water does not get inside the inflatable board. If the valve has dirt stuck on it, you can try to clean it out with a cotton wool ear bud.

How to store inflatable paddle board

Knowing how to clean a paddle board is important, but so is also knowing how to store it. Storing inflatable paddle board is ever so easy. First, you need to deflate it completely. Secondly, you need to dry it completely.

If you leave the inflatable paddle board with moisture, you will experience paddle board mold. It can cause a nasty, vomit smell.

Do not compress the paddle board too much. Leave it some breathing space.

You may also leave it inflated, but it is a good thing to deflate it now and then, to prolong the life of the valve.

How To Clean A Solid SUP Board

This short post for how to clean a stand up paddle board can’t be complete without a section for how to clean a solid paddle board.

Items that you need

  • Natural soap
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Water

Rinse and Clean

The first step for how to clean inflatables as well as solid board is rinsing it thoroughly with running water. That way, any debris that might be hiding under the threads can clear out.

So, whether you have a fiberglass, plastic, carbon fiber or wooden solid SUP board, rinse it thoroughly with running water.

Rinsing the board exposes any stain spots that need more attention.

To clean the board, apply the natural or mild detergent on the board and then scrub gently with the soft-bristled brush.

Image of how to clean a stand up paddle board

If there are stubborn stains and dirt on the paddle board, you can try using a special paddle board cleaner such as Magic Eraser.

Rinse the board thoroughly to get rid of soap and dirt. You can then air-dry the board before storing it.

How Often Should You Clean A Paddle Board?

Well, if you are in your stand up paddle boarding season, you cannot possibly clean the paddle board every day.

Just make sure that you do not clean too much because such can cause cracks on your solid paddle board, especially if it is made of wood. Too much cleaning might also cause the PVC covering on the inflatable board to peel away.

If you are using the board in fresh water, you need not rinse it daily. You can give the board a thorough clean after the season.

If you are using the board in salty water, you can rinse it daily after using it. Also, give it a thorough cleaning after the season, and then put it in its box for storage.


That is it for how to clean a paddle board. You have seen how to clean stand up paddle board made of solid material or inflatable material.

As you embark on how to clean my SUP, you also want to give it a thorough check to find out whether it needs repair.

If it does, do not put it off. Repair it right away, before storage.

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