What is The Average Cost of A Surfboard? A Good Bargain is $200 to $2000+

When you want to start surfing, you will want to know: how much do surfboards cost?

The simple answer is from $250 to $1500+.

I know, that is not very helpful, especially when you are a beginner at surfing.

That is why in the upcoming sections, you and I are going to find out really how much long, short, epoxy, inflatable and other types of surfboards cost.

But first, you can visit amazon.com to see prices of different types of surfboards.

How Much Do Surfboards Cost? A Breakdown

How Much Do Surfboards Cost

Like everything else, you can buy a used but decent quality surfboard to begin with and once you have gained some surfing skill, you can get yourself a brand new one.

Or you could just get yourself a new one, since it will last a long time, it is a win-win for you.

First … Why are surfboards so expensive?

A surfboard is a marvel of balance and perfection. Also, this item is designed to last a long time.

Everything from the material choice to the finishing is high quality. You can imagine the quality of the paint used, which does not peel off even with prolonged exposure to the saltwater of the ocean.

There are expensive and extravagantly expensive surfboards, for a reason. For instance, customized surfboards for pro surfers can contain custom features.

Some can even have gold lettering, and some can be made of high quality types of wood.

That being said, expensive is relative so mostly, you should find a board within your budget.

How much do used surfboards cost? From $150

Let us say that you are really strapped for cash, but you do not want this surfing season to pass you by. In this case, you might want to get a used surfboard.

The price of a used surfboard depends on a few things. First, a long-used surfboard can cost you as little as $150, but you can be sure it has had several dents and repairs. Therefore, no one can guarantee that it will take you beyond the training stage.

A used short board for surfing can cost you between $150 and $350. A used long board surfboard can cost you between $350 and $600.

Of course, these are not definite prices so the boards could cost lower or higher than the mentioned prices.

You can also get a decent used surfboard that is almost as good as new. In that case, you could expect such a board to cost more.

How much do new surfboards cost? From $300

Amazon.com is the best place to buy new surfboards. There, you will find that they come at different prices and make.

If you do not mind too much about the brand name, you could buy a low priced longboard for beginners, ranging from $250.

But more popular brands such as Wavestorm can cost more. For instance, some of their boards such as the Wavestorm Classic 8-Foot tri-color Solid Longboard Surfboard costs $500.

As we said, whatever your budget is, it will probably get you a good board.

How much do inflatable surfboards cost?

Because of the convenience of storage and ease of traveling with the inflatable surfboards, you might think that these boards are so costly, but alas! They are not.

These boards are not as popular as the inflatable SUP boards, but they are slowly joining the mainstream market.

For instance, the 8-Foot 2 Inches Body Glove EZ board is available on Costco and other stores, but it can be hard to find on Amazon.

This board costs $270. It comes with features such as two layer construction, triple fins, wax-free design and more. Remember, this is a brand-new surfboard.

Some people ask, are inflatable surfboards any good? Well, we can say they are a lot of good because they are easy to travel with.

But they cannot beat the solid surfboards. That is why inflatable longboards are good for beginners but when you need speed and maneuverability, you go for the solid ones.

Normal vs customized surfboards cost

Normal vs customized surfboards costCLICK TO SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

Average surfboards can cost anywhere from $400 for shortboards which start at 5 feet of length. New longboard surfboard price starts at $600.

But for the love of the surfing sport, an average board may not be good enough. Thus, you might want to get a customized board. The cost for such starts at $800, but it can go all the way to $2000 or more.

Longboard vs shortboard vs funboard vs gunboard cost

There is quite a variety of surfboards at different prices. Click the button below to view them on Amazon.com:


A longboard is 8 feet long, perhaps longer. It has a single fin, large blunt nose and has a high volume, say up to 6 inches. The cost of this surfing boards starts at $800.

Shortboards have a sharper nose and lesser volume ass compared to longboards. The cost for these boards starts at $500. They are used to surf any kind of waves, they have three fins and they are also good for average speed.

Surfing funboards are 6 to 8 feet long and they have more fins than longboards. They too have a blunt nose and have lesser volume. Thus, they are easier to maneuver.

Gunboard surfboards are made for professional surfing and they are more inclined to speed. They have more fins, they have more volume and they are usually 7 feet long. They cost $700 to $1500.  

You will also note that these boards come with a pointed nose and tail, for speed.

Hybrid surfboards cost

These boards are not as common as the longboards or the shortboards, but they are there all the same.

They have a blunt nose and tail, measure about 6 feet long and a bigger volume. The cost for such boards starts at $400.

Fiberglass vs epoxy surfboards cost

Fiberglass surfboards are cheaper than their epoxy counterparts. But this is understandable because the estimated lifespan of the two materials differs a lot.

Image of cheap surfboards for sale

For instance, the fiberglass surfboard can last between 2 and 5 years. On the other hand, the epoxy board can last between 5 and 15 years.

Also, epoxy surfboards are 35% stronger than fiberglass and this fact should not be lost on you. It can take more beating without denting.

While here, we might also mention that soft top surfboards are the cheapest when new. Their cost starts at as little as $200.

How much do surfboards cost FAQ

As a surfboarding beginner, you will have many questions on your mind when looking for the best surfboard. The biggest question is on price, because like paddle boards, the surfboards are not cheap.

Hopefully, the questions and answers below can help you:

How much do new surfboards cost?

The cost of a new surfboard depends on the type that you get in the market. Mostly, surfboards come in the following types:

Soft top surfboards – These cost $200 to $500 on Amazon.com and other online marketplaces. They are good for a beginner and with good care, they can last a long time.

Epoxy surfboards – They are of superb quality and they float better than their soft top and polyurethane counterparts. That is why they cost more, as their price ranges from $500 to $1000.

Polyurethane surfboards – These boards are heavier than the epoxy boards. Because of this, they sit lower in the water, and so they are best suited to professionals and advanced users. The poly boards are easier to manufacture so they cost less, with the average price of a polyurethane longboard being $650.

Overall, the cost of new surfboards ranges between $200 and $1500 depending on whether it is for a child or adult.

Customized boards will definitely cost more, but they are keepsakes as well, so the high price is understandable.

How much do surfboards cost to rent?

If you want to surf in Santa Cruz and you do not have a surfboard, there is no need to buy one.

You can always rent one. This applies to any other place too. On the beach, you will find rental shops that rent out surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing gear.

Usually, the cost of renting a surfboard ranges from $20 to $50 for a few hours to the full day. This is much better than buying a surfboard that you will hardly use again for several months.

How much should a beginner surfboard cost?

It is best to get a cheap beginner surfboard because sooner than later, you are going to outgrow. Thus, try to get the cheapest one possible.

Usually, with as little as $200, you could get a new beginner surfboard. It is most likely going to be a soft top one. It is bouncier and more lightweight, so when you gain some skill, you could get a bigger one.

If you can get a cheaper one, get it. Beginner surfboards are subjected to a lot of abuse. You don’t want to abuse an expensive surfboard.

How much does a custom surfboard cost?

Custom is the real deal, it means that you order a tailor-made surfboard, just for you.

Because of the time it will take to detail this order, the customized surfboards tend to cost more money.

The very cheapest one you can get is likely to cost you at least $600. Also, most custom surfboard makers will require you to make a down payment before they can start working on it.

You will also have to wait for your order. If there are other customers in the queue before you, they will be served first.


For how much do surfboards cost, that is it! You cannot pick a number and run with it, as the cost depends on the type of surfboard, condition (new, used) or the material used.

Once again, the good news is that your surfboard budget can get you something, yes, even $100.

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