Is Paddle Boarding Bad for Your Back? It Helps!

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Can Paddle Boarding Cause Back Pain? Actually, It Can Heal! Is paddle boarding bad for your back? Most people ask this question. We have said that paddle boarding is a water sport with no age limit. However, if you are a senior, or you have ever had back surgery, you will be worried whether it … Read more

Paddle Board Age Limit

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What is The Minimum Paddle Board Age Limit? Best SUP Age is 8 to 13 Years What is the paddle board age limit? Certainly, there is a minimum age limit. But first, if this is your first time to learn about paddle boarding, you need to understand why there is an age limit of 13 … Read more

Can You Paddle Board On A Surfboard?

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Can You Paddle Board on A Surfboard? Why It Is Impossible Can you paddle board on a surfboard or do you have to get the paddle board itself? Well, this is one of the most frequently asked questions, mostly by people starting out on paddle boarding. Another question that most SUP beginners also ask is: … Read more

Which Is A Characteristic Of Type III Life Jacket?

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What Are The Characteristics of a Type 3 PFD? It Won’t Turn You Over! Which is a characteristic of type III life jacket? The United States Coast Guard requires you to wear a personal flotation device when paddle boarding outside areas designated for swimming, bathing or surfing. In our article on paddle boarding life jacket … Read more