What Kind of Glue Do You Use to Repair an Inflatable SUP?

The inflatable SUP board has so many benefits, chief among them being portability, easy transport and lightweight. However, on the flip-side, it sustains tears and rips easily. That’s why you need to know about the best glue for inflatable SUP repair.

Thankfully, you don’t need to take your iSUP to the repair shop all the time. You can just buy a repair kit on Amazon.com and repair it yourself.

When you buy your iSUP, you can find the repair instructions from the seller or the manufacturer. For instance, if you have an inflatable SUP board from Tower Paddle Boards, here is a video you can watch. It will teach you how to repair a leaking inflatable paddle board:

Best SUP repair glue and kit

You will not only need a SUP repair glue, but you will also need a patch if your inflatable paddle board is leaking.

When you are looking for SUP repair glue on Amazon.com, you are likely to find it as a kit. This means it comes complete with everything that you need to repair a leaking PVC stand up paddleboard.

glue for inflatable sup repair

When you are looking for inflatable paddle boards repair kits, you will find that the same kit can be used for repairing inflatable swimming pools, inflatable PVC mattresses, boats and kayaks.

GEUNTECH Patches for Inflatable PVC Repair

These are patches alone, which you can order online on Amazon.com. They do not come with the glue, so you will have to order that separately.

You can use these patches for repairing inflatable boats, pools, rafts, canoes, kayaks, sofas and even lounges. Let’s just say you can use the patches to repair just about anything that’s inflatable and is made of PVC.

The size of the patch is 5 by 100CM. However, you do not have to use a complete patch for a small job. You can cut it up into the sizes that you require.

The initial package of these patches comes with two rolls, each measuring 5 by 100CM. They keep very well, so after using what you need, you can store the rest for the future.

These patches are made of PVC material, so they are waterproof, tough and durable for a long time.

10Leccion TPU pool patch repair kit

The 10Leccion patch repair kit is best for inflatable swimming pools and other inflatables made of TPU. These patches themselves are made of TPU, so they are durable and waterproof.

If you apply them on clean surfaces, they catch on well and they will last a long time. This is an adhesive patch, so you will not need glue to use it on your inflatables.

When you clean the place you are patching up, just press the patch into the space. Press it thoroughly so that any air bubbles can escape.

Allow the patch to stay for at least four hours to set properly before you can inflate it. However, if you can iron the place with hot water, you can use the piece you were repairing in about 30 minutes.

Because these patches are mostly marketed to people with inflatable pools, we recommend you order them only if you have many inflatables at home.

They are large, measuring 3 inches by 5 feet. You can cut what you need to use on your inflatable stand up paddle board, depending on the size of the tear.



If you happen to order the patches that are not self-adhesive by nature, you will need to get good glue to use with the patches. You can order the SEA DOG water sports PVC repair kit. This package comes in two, 30g tubes.

It is marketed as glue for inflatable boats, but if you can use it on an inflatable kayak, canoe or boat, it is definitely good enough to repair an inflatable SUP board.

And that’s not all! You can also use it on other inflatable items at home such as balls, water toys, lounges, inflatable beds and others.

This glue is going to seal all leaks in your inflatable boards. However, this glue does not come with application instructions so you might have to follow instructions from other sources.

This is a complete package because it also comes with repair patches. However, you can use it with other PVC patches. It comes with four patches only.

Best PVC glue for paddle board

As you have seen in the products that we have reviewed above, as long as the glue can be used for inflatable boats, swimming pools and kayaks, you can also use it on paddle boards. Some people have even used the glue to repair their type III inflatable life jacket.

When you get out of a busy paddle boarding day in the ocean, it is good to clean the board with fresh water. This is also the perfect time to check for any punctures or worn out places.

Any glue will not do. You have to get the glue that is specifically manufactured for inflatable water sport gear like boats, canoes and kayaks.

You can use this glue for big as well as small cracks and slits. However, if there are too many holes, perhaps it is time to replace the inflatable paddle board.

The repair kit for your paddle board is cheap, and should not cost you more than $30. Also, repairing your paddle board is very simple, so there is no need to take it to a repair shop.

Inflatable SUP repair kit

Inflatable SUP repair kit

Some SUP boards come with a repair kit, tossed in as a bonus. However, for most, you have to buy the kit separately.

If you intend to go paddle boarding in the river, you definitely need this kit. If you use your inflatable paddle board in the river, chances of being pierced by debris, logs, and other floating items is high.

Even when you use the SUP board in the ocean, there are rocks and floating debris that can pierce it. Therefore, irrespective of where you intend to use your boards, you need a repair kit.

In your kit, make sure you have patches, glue, self-adhesive patches for faster repairs, a pair of scissors, some cleaning items and so on.

Clean and repair your iSUP well before storage, so that it can stay ready for the next paddle boarding season.


To keep your SUP board in proper health, you need to have the best patch and glue for inflatable SUP repair. To use the kit though, ensure you clean the area thoroughly.

Also, follow the usage instructions so that everything goes right. It is best to wait overnight or for several hours after patching up the board, before inflating it.

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