Can You Paddle Board on a Windsurf? Yes!

Can you use windsurf board for paddle boarding?

When you are starting out in stand up paddle boarding, at first, you will think that all boards (surfboards and paddle boards) look the same.

Well, a windsurfer paddle board is inherently different from a regular stand up paddle board, as you will no doubt see.

So, can you use a windsurf board for stand up paddle boarding? The windsurf paddle board combo is the best option for you. Converting a windsurf board to SUP is recommended if you have an old windsurf board that you hardly use. Remove mast, sail, cover holes with EVA mat. 

If you can get the windsurf paddle board combo, you can use the board for windsurfing or SUP.

But note that while these two water sports are closely related, they are different. Not all the gear used for the sports could be interchangeable.

What is a windsurf paddle board?

What is a windsurf paddle board
Setting up a windsurf. Notice the blue paddle board.


There are outstanding differences between SUP board and surfboard, as we discussed in another post.

There is also a huge difference between a windsurf board and a paddle board.

A windsurf board has a mast and a sail attached to it. Therefore, when riding it, it is not propelled by the water alone, but the wind helps the surfer to enjoy higher speed.

These boards are up to 3 meters long, and they can have more than one fin.

These boards are made of different materials such as PVC, fiberglass, epoxy, carbon sandwich or expanded polystyrene foam.

By design, these boards are different from the SUP boards. However, some aspects of the design such as material or fin overlap.

A good windsurfing board is like the TAHE Beach 160 D Tough-TEC Windsurf Board that you can buy on

What is a paddle board?

Unlike the windsurf board that comes with sail and mast, the stand up paddle board does not have such embellishments.

Instead, it is a long or short board with a tail fin and a nose. It can be made of material such as fiberglass, wood, carbon fiber, or it can be inflatable.

For propulsion, you have to use a paddle while standing up, kneeling or sitting on the board. You can also use your hands to make it move through water.

You can see that the windsurf paddle board is different from the stand up paddle board. However, converting windsurf board to SUP board need not be too hard.

Paddle boards are wider than windsurf boards. They also have more volume, and they are buoyant enough to carry all of your weight without sinking.

Therefore, for people who have been asking: can you paddle board on a surfboard? The answer is yes, because there are some similarities.

I have explained that in more detail below.

How to SUP on a windsurf board

You can SUP on a paddleboard, but not all windsurf boards can serve the purpose of stand up paddle boarding. Therefore, before you use the windsurfer board as a SUP board, you will need to convert it.

This is just a temporary kind of conversion so that you can “build” the windsurfing board again when you need to windsurf.

So, what would you need to do to use a windsurfer board for paddleboarding?

Here are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: Remove the sail and the mast

A stand up paddle board uses paddle power to cut through water with your weight. Therefore, it does not need a sail. That is why you must remove the sail from the windsurfer board, followed by the mast. That way, you will remain with the board alone.

Step 2: Use polyurethane foam to cover the holes

Removing the mast and sail, as well as the rocker leaves some holes in the windsurfing board. Therefore, you will need to buy polyurethane foam to cover the holes.

Step 3: Cover the board with EVA mat and adjust the rocker

Buy a large EVA mat, probably after measuring the surface area of the board. That way, you can then cover the entire board with the mat.

Please note that you cannot use a windsurfer paddleboard as a SUP paddle board without converting it.

As you have seen here, it is a process, and you may never remake it into a windsurf board again.

Therefore, if you are a water sports aficionado, and you like to dabble in every thing, buy the right gear for the job. Get the SUP accessories to make your SUP experience complete.

If you are into surfing, get a solid or inflatable surfboard. Getting the right gear removes the guesswork out of the picture, and makes your fun more complete.

This applies to all water sports. Get the right gear for the job, build your confidence in the water and enjoy more fun.

Can you use a paddle board to surf?

Yes, you can, although it will be a bit awkward since it might not have the buoyancy or the surface area. However, you cannot use a paddle board to windsurf because it does not have a mast or a sail.

Image of Can you use windsurf board for paddle boarding

Even when using the paddle board to surf, you will feel a big difference. The surfboard is designed to be moved by the waves. However, the stand up paddle board is designed to be paddled.

So yes, you can surf using a paddle board. However, you will not surf as well as you would with a surfboard.

What kind of windsurf board can I use for paddle boarding?

Windsurfing boards are not the same, as they come in different dimensions. They also come in different volumes.

A windsurf board that can serve best like a paddle board should have a volume of at least 160 liters. It also need to have a width of at least 75CM.

For tracking, the board needs to have a fin. You should also make sure there is no visible, or invisible damage to the board as that could cause problems when you start using it.

Mostly, all of the boards used for windsurfing can work for paddle boarding. Just follow our instructions for setting it up for paddleboarding and you will be fine.


Can you use windsurf board for paddle boarding? You would have to convert it by removing the mast, sail and then seal the holes.

If you are low on your budget, and you have an old windsurf board lying around, go ahead and convert it.

However, please note you might not be able to re-use it again as a windsurfing board.

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