Can You Fish From a Paddle Board? Yes, with Caution!

A paddle board allows you to enjoy a lot of fun activities. Therefore, you shouldn’t limit yourself to exploring your local river or catching waves. If you have a SUP, you can fish from your favorite river, lake, pond, or even in the ocean. You don’t need a boat, kayak, or pontoon boat to catch fish.

So, can you fish on a paddle board? Fishing from a SUP is possible and fun. Surprisingly, you don’t need a dedicated fishing SUP board to fish. But if you want to enjoy paddle board fishing a bit more, you’ll want to invest in a dedicated fishing paddle board.

Why Should You Fish From a Stand-Up Paddle Board?

how to fish on a paddle board

Fishing on a solid or inflatable paddle board may not appeal to every angler, but it is fun. Besides, you can catch more fish on a SUP than when sitting on the banks.

Here are the benefits of SUP fishing:

  • Paddle boards are lightweight and easier to transport. You can secure it on your car’s roof and transport it without any fuss. Things get easier if you have an inflatable paddleboard.
  • Fishing from a SUP gives you a better view of the fish and water. You can spot fish while standing on your paddle board. At least you’ll know where to cast your lure or bait for better results.
  •  Unlike boats and kayaks, SUPs are pretty affordable. So, if you are looking for a cheap mode of transport to get you out on the water, a paddleboard is your best bet.
  •  Anglers have more success fishing in quiet environments. Unfortunately, boat engines don’t allow for quiet fishing. The noises from the engine can spook fish easily. On the other hand, paddle boards provide a calm environment for fishing.
  • Fishing from a paddleboard allows for minimalism. You don’t need much gear to head out on the water and catch fish. A small cooler and fishing tackle are all you need to get the job done.

What Makes a Good Fishing Paddle Board?

You need to consider various factors when looking for a fishing paddle board. So, choose a paddle board based on the following factors:

Weight Capacity

A fishing paddle board should support your weight and your fishing equipment. So ensure your paddle board has the right weight capacity to avoid sinking.

The ideal paddle board should have a weight capacity of roughly 250 – 300 lbs. Such a board can carry you and all your fishing gear without problems.

Attachment Points

If you decide to go paddleboard fishing, you’ll need fishing rods, a cooler, and other gear as well. But how do you secure your fishing gear onto the paddle board? Well, that’s where the attachment points come in.

A good fishing paddle board should have D-rings and action mounts to help you secure your fishing accessories. You’ll also need bungee cords to secure your gear safely.

You also need to secure the paddle. While a SUP paddle floats, you need to keep it on board while fishing because it will scare the fish away if it falls into the water. 

Shape & Size

Before you pick up a fishing paddle board, ensure it has the right shape and size. The perfect fishing SUP should be wide across the tail, nose, and deck. 

The width gives better stability when you carry all your fishing gear. Besides, casting your line is easy when you do it from a larger and wide board.

Solid vs. Inflatable SUPs

When choosing fishing SUPs, you must decide if you want a solid or inflatable paddle board. 

But considering the amount of fishing gear you’ll carry, solid paddle boards may not cut it. You require an inflatable paddleboard for all your fishing expeditions.

iSUPs are wide, lightweight, and generally thicker. Therefore, you’ll have a stable platform to fish from. Moreover, iSUPs are super easy to maneuver through the water, and you won’t have to fret about your board sustaining damage.

SUP Fishing Tips & Safety

Fishing from a paddle board requires you to be more cautious. Luckily, we have some tips to help you stay safe when SUP fishing. Let’s get into it:

Monitor The Weather

Weather can ruin your paddleboarding fishing expedition. So, you must check the weather forecast before heading out. Ensure you have a weather app on your smartphone to help you track changing conditions or incoming storms.

SUP fishing is much fun when done in calm weather. At least you don’t have to fret about falling off the paddleboard or drifting ashore.

Secure Your Gear

Paddleboard fishing requires a cooler, fishing rods, a tackle box, and a net. However, you must safely secure all your gear on the paddle board. Don’t just place your gear on the paddleboard and expect it not to fall off.

The bungee cords on your SUP can help you secure the cooler or tackle box. The D-rings can also help secure your gear in place. 

Ensure you keep the weight central to improve stability on the SUP board. By securing your gear onto the paddle board, you don’t have to fret about losing it. Besides, you don’t need to disembark your SUP to save any fallen fishing gear.


SUP fishing isn’t as easy as you might think. So, before you attempt to fish from your SUP, do plenty of practice on shallow waters. 

At least you’ll learn how to cast your line, retrieve fish, and balance on a paddleboard full of fishing gear.

What Should You Carry When SUP Fishing?

Fishing on a paddleboard is no different from fishing on a boat. You only need to downsize your fishing gear, and you’ll be fine.

Here are the items you should carry when SUP fishing:

  1. Fishing rod – You can carry multiple fishing rods at once. Just ensure your paddleboard has multiple rod holders or a tackle rack to hold the fishing poles.
  2. Tackle – You also need to bring different lures depending on the type of fish you want to catch. However, don’t bring all your lures, as your paddleboard can only accommodate a small tackle box. Ensure that your tackle box has all the tools you need.
  3. PFD – A personal flotation device is necessary for safety. You can use a life jacket or fishing flotation vest.
  4. Anchor – An anchor should help you stay in your fishing spot when the wind blows up. At least you don’t have to reposition your board every time the wind blows.
  5. Cooler – A cooler is ideal for storing water and drinks. You can also use it to preserve the fish you intend to keep.

Other extra items you can carry include:

  • Fanny pack
  • Dry bag
  • Detachable paddle board seat
  • Ankle leash
  • Action mounts

Conclusion: Can you fish from a paddle board?

Fishing from a paddleboard is possible if you have the right gear. Remember to stay safe during your SUP fishing adventures.

You can wear a type III life jacket for paddle boarding or keep it on the SUP when fishing. This boosts your confidence when you are on the board, so you can concentrate more on the fishing, knowing your safety is assured.