The Best 3 Piece Modular Paddle Board for Sale

Yes, there is a 3 piece modular paddle board. As the name suggests, modular means that the three pieces come apart. It is such a darling for people who like to pack their board in their trunk when traveling.

Please be aware, ONLY Eddy Easy sells the 3 piece detachable SUP board. If you buy it elsewhere, it is probably scammers trying to reap a quick buck where they did not sow.

In another article, we looked at how to transport a paddle board without a roof rack. We looked at a few methods.

What makes this Easy Eddy board such a darling is that you do not have to worry about transporting it. Just take it apart and pack the three pieces in your trunk.

But apart from the easy transportation of the paddle board, this is also a high quality board. Well, it had better be because it is going to cost you a substantial amount of money.

Features of the Easy Eddy Modular SUP

This kind of paddle board is a good invention for people who love water sports. The most outstanding thing about it is the ability to come off in three pieces. However, it also has many features, some of which are as below:

Design, size and build quality

By design, this is a solid paddle board, but it comes with the flexibility of an inflatable board. Traveling with it is such a joy because it can fit in the trunk of a hatchback.

The size of this board is 10 feet 2 inches. This makes it a good board for paddleboarders with moderate to advanced skills. It has a width of 32 inches, so even beginners can use it too.

The thickness of this board is 5.5 inches. If you care to do some math, you can get the volume of 240 liters. Thus, this paddle board floats really well.

The big width of this paddle board also gives this board good tracking. It comes with a retractable fin, so when you are packing it for transport, you do not need to remove the fin. Such little conveniences make this board worth buying.

This board also comes with a cupholder that can fit many bottles and coffee cups. If you bring your coffee so that you can relax on the board and enjoy the sea. Coffee on a paddle board hits differently.

The weight of this board is 36 pounds. That is a bit heavy, especially when compared to inflatables. However, more weight is fantastic on a SUP board because it makes it more stable in the water.

Hard board made with recyclable material

Easy Eddy does not only care about inventing a record-breaking paddle board. They also have a serious concern for the environment. That is why they use recyclable material to make this board.

Not only is the board made with recycled plastic material, but the plastic is also recyclable. If ever the board becomes too old to use and falls apart, this material can be recycled. It is a win for you and the environment.

This board is engineered in such a way that the three pieces fit perfectly. When you fit them, they lock into place, and they do not let in water through the joints.

By the way, when the board is fitted together, no one can tell that it comes in three modular pieces.

30-day money-back guarantee and 24-month warranty

Don’t sweat about durability too much because this board is designed to last a long time. It is practically going to outlive you!

Besides, the company offers a 24-month warranty for this board. If anything happens in the first two years of owning this stand-up paddle board, they will replace it.

They also sell it with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. If you do not like it, you can return it before 30 days are over and get your money back.

Easy to assemble and to carry

Even without any experience (well, who has any with a detachable SUP board?), you should be able to assemble this SUP in 60 seconds, or less.

That is not all because it is also so easy to carry since it comes with high quality steel handles. It has three of them – nose, middle and tail handles. Since they are made of stainless steel, they are safe from corrosion.

Image of 3 piece modular paddle board reviews

If you think that the SUP is too heavy at 36 pounds, divide it among the family members so that each can carry a piece. The nose weighs 10.5 pounds, the centerpiece 16 pounds, while the tailpiece weighs 9.5 pounds.

It has a storage compartment!

Well, you would think that Easy Eddy would stop at the cupholder, but as we told you, this SUP board is quite extraordinary.

It comes with a storage compartment that is 100 percent waterproof. Fancy that!

You can store your keys, mobile phone, notebooks, and other small personal items in this compartment.

Sure, it is not going to take much, but whatever you store there will be 100 percent safe from the seawater.

The position of the waterproof storage compartment is right after the nose, so you will always have your eyes on your valuables.

Paddles and accessories – you may not like this!

You will notice that in the entire write-up, this is the first time that we are mentioning the paddle. That is because this SUP board does not come with a free paddle, you know, as we have been used to.

You cannot propel or steer a SUP board in water without a paddle. You will have to buy one separately for this paddle board.

You will have to buy a paddle separately. Easy Eddy makes many paddles, but we recommend you get the aluminum three-piece paddle to go with this board. After all, we feel that such a solid SUP deserves a 3-piece paddle.

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As you buy the paddle, you might also consider making your paddle board more complete with a few other accessories.

These include things such as the Easy Eddy carry strap, so that you can carry the board on your shoulder. They will make the board easier to carry from the car.

Image of paddle board with carry strap

You can also get a rolling case for easier storage of this board. There is no way that you are going to get such a costly SUP and then store it haphazardly.

Easy Eddy Modular Paddle Board Pros

  • Available in colors such as Ocean Blue, Glacier, Sea Foam, Cherry and Coral
  • It is easy to store under the bed, in the closet and in the car
  • Built to last many years
  • Takes less than a minute to put together
  • Good material that does not sustain scratches or abrasion
  • Floats well due to the large volume and extra weight
  • Good dimensions, especially the width of 32 inches

Easy Eddy 3-Piece Board Cons

  • This board is costly – the cost of the paddle and accessories make it costlier
  • It does not come with a limited lifetime warranty, but it is still very durable

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a detachable modular board for sale, you might want to try the Easy Eddy SUP board.

It is a great invention that gives you the stability and steer-ability of a solid paddle board, but it gives you the flexibility of an inflatable board.

Sure, this solid SUP board is going to cost you a good amount of money, but it is designed to last a long time. Besides, it is made from recycled plastic. By buying it, you will be doing Mother Nature a good turn.

I know … you definitely would love the Easy Eddy detachable board. However, the cost might be a bit prohibitive for you.

If that is the case, consider ordering the SereneLife Non-slip Inflatable Paddleboard on


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